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several bridesmaids gathered around the beautiful bride holding their bouquets. Makep done by Julia Rose Bride

Q: Do you offer airbrush makeup?

A: Yes! I offer both airbrush and traditional application. At your bridal trial, we can determine whether you are the best candidate for either traditional or airbrush application.

Q: Do you offer hair services?

A: I specialize only in makeup services, however, I have had the pleasure of working closely with some fabulously talented hair stylists and would be glad to offer recommendations upon booking. 

Q: Do I need to create my own hair and makeup schedule?
A: Of course not! I want this process to be as easy as possible for you, because I know how stressful planning a wedding can be. All you have to do is connect me with your hair stylist and we will create a schedule that will will ensure the beautification process runs smoothly. 


Q: How many services can you accommodate on my wedding day?

A: I can personally do 5/6 services on my own depending on your time frame. I spend anywhere from 40-60 minutes on a bridesmaid and 60-80 minutes on a bride. If more services are needed, I will hire an additional artist for a fee. I always make sure my hired artists have a similar style and technique to mine. 


Q: Can you use my makeup?

A: I use a mix of professional brands and high end brands in my makeup kit. The only way I can guarantee that makeup is clean/safe as well as HD friendly for flash photography is if I use my own products. If you have any allergies to specific ingredients found in cosmetics, I would be happy to screen my products for those ingredients, and if necessary, will allow client to use new, unopened product of their choice as replacement. 


Q: How do I know this process is hygienic?

A: I take pride in being a licensed professional. Being licensed means that I have received education in bacteriology and the proper way to disinfect my tools and products. You will never catch me double dipping a cream product or using the same mascara wand from client to client. All of my brushes are deep cleaned and disinfected between clients. All surfaces and powders are disinfected with 70% isopropyl alcohol. When you sit in my chair, you can rest easy knowing that I take each step of this process with sanitation in mind. 


Q: Can you just do my eyes?

A: I do not offer partial services such as eyes/lashes/foundation only. 


Q: How do trials work and when should I schedule mine?
A: It is ideal to schedule a trial around 4-6 weeks out from your wedding date. Trials are required and therefore included in your package price. If you wish to schedule a trial before officially booking your date with me (with a signed agreement and paid retainer), you may pay for your trial separately before booking. Should you wish to proceed with booking your date, the trial fee will be subtracted from the final amount owed. Please note that I cannot hold your wedding date without a signed contract and paid retainer, so during this time, your date is still up for grabs!


Q: How do I book with you?

A: In order to hold your date, I require a signed agreement and a paid retainer of 50% of the total amount owed. Please note that an inquiry, a price quote, or a trial separately paid for does not mean that your wedding date is held. The only way to secure your date is with a signed agreement and 50% paid retainer. This retainer fee is non refundable and non transferable to another service. While it is common for brides to book as early as 12-18 months in advance, I recommend booking anywhere from from 8-12 months out. I do accept last minute bookings so long as your date is still available. Bookings are on a first come, first serve basis. 


Q: Do you only do makeup for weddings?

A: While weddings and one on one lessons are my main focus, I also accept requests for special event, head shots, and commercial work. Please contact me for a quote via my contact page. 

Q: Do you take tips?

A: Tips are certainly not required, but are welcomed if you feel that your service was excellent! I also would be grateful for a positive review!


Q: What if I need touch ups?

A: I do offer on site touch ups at an hourly rate.  Billing time begins as soon as the last contracted service is completed, and lasts until I leave. I also offer touch up kits which include your lip color and a lip wand as well as some blotting powder!


Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: If the client cancels the agreement 60 or more days prior to the service date only the non-refundable retainer is owed. If the client cancels the agreement or any part of the agreement (including subtracting number of people getting services) less than 60 days prior to the service date, the full balance is due and non-refundable.

Q: Do you require special accommodations?

A: As you may have seen on Instagram or in person, I do use a manual wheelchair to get around. Because most service locations take place in hotels, this is rarely an issue. If your service location has a few steps to get in, I can get in with the help of my assistant. If the service location has multiple stair cases to get in, then I may not be the artist for you! Trials will take place in my studio which is accessible. 



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